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Fall 2019

How you want to be remembered can be a pretty emotional or uncomfortable thing to think about. However, as uneasy as the topic is, the reality is, no one lives forever.

After watching a documentary about people choosing the way they want to be honored after the end of life, I felt an overwhelming need to ask my parents what they want to be remembered for. While a little awkward and intimidating to ask, I’m glad I did.

And here’s what they had to say:

Mom: I would like to be remembered as a giving person who enjoyed helping others. A woman that was dedicated to her religious beliefs and loved seeing others grow to fulfill their dreams. If someone said he or she remembered me in this manner, I would have lived my life purpose.

Dad: I would like to be remembered as a person who is a kind, loveable, caring, fun, religious man that would help anyone in need!

Asking yourself or others what you want to be remembered for can provide direction and purpose to life’s challenges. And it can also keep you motivated or inspired to live your best possible life.

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