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Fall 2019

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Whether it’s visiting family, getting to the doctor's office, or picking up some items at the store, driving isn’t always the best option in many cities and public transportation can be difficult, to say the least. Fortunately, ridesharing services have made getting from point A to B a breeze.

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is a service that connects you with available drivers in your area through an app on your smartphone. Unlike taxi operators, drivers use their own cars and often have stickers or lights in their windshield to identify them as rideshare drivers. The service allows you to set up pickup times and pay right through your phone. But best of all, ridesharing can add a whole new level of convenience for travel. Uber and Lyft are the most common services but there are a variety of ridesharing options, many specific to your city.



Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for a successful ride:

  1. Input your destination Type in the exact address or the name of the location you wish to go to.
  2. Select your ride You will have the option of sharing a ride or riding alone, as well as the size of the car to fit your number of riders.
  3. Wait for pickup The rideshare app will send you information on the type of car coming to pick you up and the driver’s name. You will also receive a notification when your driver is two minutes away and when they’ve arrived.
  4. Enjoy the ride It’s more common to sit in the back of the car, but most drivers are also fine with riders sitting in the front.
  5. Tip and rate After you’ve been dropped off, you’ll be prompted to tip and rate your driver on the rideshare app.

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