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Summer 2019

It can happen to anyone at any age, but Urinary Incontinence (UI) occurs most frequently in senior women and men. UI can be caused by a variety of reasons: from something as simple as drinking too much coffee to more serious conditions, like multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease.

When the muscles in and around the bladder relax without warning, urine can leak. If a person experiences incontinence, they should talk to their doctor about potential causes and ways to prevent future issues.

Living with incontinence shouldn’t keep you from doing the things you love. 

Here are some simple ways to treat and manage UI:

  • Consult a primary care provider to discuss possible medications or behavioral therapies. 
  • Do simple exercises like kegels or squats. 
  • Use over-the-counter products such as incontinence briefs and absorbency pads to protect your skin from wetness or irritation during leaks.

Did you know? You can order incontinence products and have them delivered right to your home through your over-the-counter (OTC) benefits. Visit


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Summertime is grilling season. It’s time to break out the charcoal or propane and get cooking. Whether it’s steak, chicken, seafood or veggies, here are some sure-fire tips (pun intended) for a perfect BBQ.

  1. Start with a clean grill. You don’t want tonight’s steak tasting like last night’s chicken. The easiest way to clean a grill is to heat it up and use a sturdy, long-armed wire brush to scrape it clean.
  2. Use a little oil. Rub vegetable or olive oil on the grill rack to ensure lean meats don’t stick. Take an oil-soaked paper towel and hold it with tongs, then rub it over the rack. (Do not use cooking spray over an open fire or on a hot grill.)
  3. Prep your meat. Meat cooks better when it’s room temperature, allowing it to grill more evenly. Using a marinade will cut down on the smoke that sticks to the surface of the meat and reduce potential toxins.
  4. Keep a lid on it. Every time you open or close the lid, the temperature of the grill will change. To maintain a steady temperature, refrain from continually opening your grill to check on the food.
  5. Let it sit. Once you remove your meat from the grill, let it rest for at least five minutes to finish cooking and allow the juices settle back into the meat.

The best way to ensure juicy, flavorful meat is by using a meat thermometer. There are a variety of digital and analog options to pick from, some will even alert your smart phone when they reach the desired temperature!