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Summer 2019

Over the past few decades, the summer months have been known for its blockbuster movies. It’s hard to believe that this trend started when a simple movie about a great white shark was released in 1975. Two years later, with the premiere of the first Star Wars movie, the term summer blockbuster was born. From remakes of Disney classics to action-packed sequels, there are plenty of movies to watch over the warm season to keep you out of the summer heat! 

Blockbuster Movie Trivia 

  1. What was the name of the mechanical shark used in the movie Jaws? 
  2. What summer hit earned comedic actor Pat Morita an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor? 
  3. What candy was made famous by the movie E.T. The Extra Terrestrial? 
  4. What was the name of Danny Zuko’s group of friends in the movie Grease? 
  5. What movie takes place “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”? 
  6. What summer blockbuster was the first animated film in Oscar history to be nominated for a Best Screenplay Academy Award? 
  7. What movie originally cast Tom Selleck in the lead role, before scheduling conflicts forced him to back out, giving Harrison Ford a huge break? 
  8. How fast did the Delorean time machine have to be driving to time travel in Back to the Future?

*answers below

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Movie Trivia Answers: 1) Bruce. 2) The Karate Kid. 3) Reese's Pieces. 4) The T-Birds. 5) Star Wars. 6) Toy Story. 7) Raiders of the Lost Ark. 8) 88mph