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Spring 2019

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Now that my parents are empty nesters, my brother and I try to find new ways to stay in touch with them. Since we both have Amazon Echos, we decided to purchase one for our parents too. After helping them with setting it up, we started using the Alexa voice controls to send voice messages between devices and to call each other too. The thing I love most about using Alexa is that it’s hands-free!

My dad recently had knee surgery and was prescribed various pain medications. Knowing my dad would be at home most of the time by himself, I wanted to make sure he had some help reminding him of the correct medications to take and when. So I turned to Alexa for help! Using the Reminder feature, I was able to tell Alexa to set a reminder for each medication including the name, quantity, and time to take it. After a few months of using Alexa for playing music and getting news alerts and medication reminders, my parents started to use it to help them with other things around the house. 

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Here’s a list of ways to use Alexa.

By activating the Find My Phone skill, Alexa will help you find your phone fast. Just say “Alexa, find my phone” and your phone will receive a call that will set off the ringer so you can find it.

Rather than bumping your toe on the way to the bathroom at night, you can use your Echo device as a night light. Enable the Night Light skill in the Alexa app. When you say “Alexa, open Night Light” the top of your Echo will illuminate. To turn it off, just say “Alexa stop.”

Your phone may not always be accessible when you need it, so setting up the Ask My Buddy skill lets you tell Alexa to call a loved one if you need help. You should never use this skill as a substitute for 9-1-1. So if you are experiencing a true emergency, be sure to contact 9-1-1 immediately.

Enable an Encouragement skill that you like and ask Alexa to open or start the skill. 

If you have a Virtual Assistant device like an Echo or Google Home, share with me a few ways you use your device at home. And who knows, your comments or tips and tricks might be included in our upcoming issue.

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