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The Be Well Bulletin

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Winter 2019

bridging gaps

If you’re a grandparent, you might be wondering about how you can keep a strong connection with your grandchildren.

If your grandchildren live out of town, technology can be the fastest way to keep in touch. In addition to using social media sites and email, here are more ways you can connect:

  • Face-to-face interactions are possible with Apple FaceTime, Amazon’s Echo series and other video chat devices and applications.
  • Marco Polo is a popular, free application that allows you to record and send videos. Read a special bedtime book or share a favorite story. Visit to learn more and download the application.

If you and your grandchildren live near each other, here are some ways you can make time to be together:

  • Schedule outdoor playtime at area parks or playgrounds.
  • Introduce them to favorite classic games you enjoyed at their age.
  • Cook or bake a special family recipe together. It’s a perfect way to carry on a family tradition.

In addition to being a loving mentor, you may also be part of a growing number of grandparents who are actively raising grandchildren. The Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act was passed in order to provide grandparents with resources to ensure they can provide the best future for their grandchildren. To find information and resources in your area, visit

brain teaser

Here is a quick game to help you energize your mind.

Each pair of words below has another word that connects them. The first pair, LOCK and PIANO, are connected by what word? KEY. You lock a door with a key and there are keys on a piano.

Now try to find the word that connects the next five word pairs.

  2. SHIP – CARD
  3. TREE – CAR


Answers: 1. KEY 2. DECK, 3. TRUNK, 4. PUPIL, 5. CASE, 6. BANK